Celebrate Haitian Heritage Month all year long!

Hello June! I hope the month of May was amazing as it was for me. One of the reasons I love May is because it is Haitian Heritage Month. To celebrate I posted a few vegan variations of traditional Haitian recipes. 

I actually have a few recipes on the site over all. I thought it would be nice to have compilation of all these recipes in one piece. So here you go! All my vegan Haitian recipes. I promise to share more. I'm seriously contemplating just creating a cookbook with Haitian dishes as a focus. We shall see. 

Haitian Independence Soup

Sweet Potato Bread Pudding

Plantain Porridge

"Epis" Haitian Marinade

Banan Peze and Pikliz

Classic Haitian Breakfast: Boiled Plantain and Scrambled "Eggs"

Haitian Tea

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