How to go shopping during Corona Virus: Shopping Overhaul Healthier Choices





Here's a food overhaul for meal prep for myself and clients. As most of us are slowing down due to the current climate it is us a great time to cleanse and detox. Physically in addition to emotionally and mentally. Eat fresh fruits if you can there are a lot of fresh foods at the marketplace which is great for boosting your immune system. Drink more water consider buying a water filter in the future. Remember your food is your first medicine therefore it is your first line of defense. Many Supplements isolate vitamins from the foods we eat. So why not eat them and get the additional benefits from the other components present.



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  • This has now officially become my favorite site! Thank you for this post. I went shopping mindfully for the first time this week and I was surprised that it was not as expensive as I thought and now we have a lot more of healthy go toos .

    Sharllah Brewster

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