100 Days of Self-care (Week 5: Day 29-35 )

 Welcome to Week 5 Day 29-35 

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This week we will reach a milestone. We will have conquered a month of self-care. As you move through this journey you will learn it is a practice. With that being said do not focus on the destination instead bring your attention to the process, not the journey. This week we will focus on drinking water.  Water is the most powerful element on this planet. It makes up most of the earth and our bodies. It has a significant role in overall health from inflammation to blood pressure and beyond. Our goal is to be more consistent in our water intake and by the 7th day of this week drink a gallon of water.  

I created the chart below as a guide. You can use it as a reference or do what works for you:


Need some ideas to spice your water up try this Chia Fresca Recipe. 

If you need a way to chart your water intake grab the bottle below from amazon. 



Dive deeper and listen to this podcast episode on why you should drink more water. 

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