100 Days of Self-Care ( Week 6 : Day 36-42)

Welcome to Week 6 Day 36-42 


“Prayer is when you talk to God, meditation is one God speaks to you” Unknown

Prayer is a tool that we use to connect to a higher source. Some of us depending on what religion we were raised in feeling that there is one way to pray. One thing is certain across the board everyone believes in the healing power of prayer. Most recent studies have shown how prayer no matter what the religious background was effective and helping ill individuals heal faster. 

This week you will be challenged to step out of your comfort zone and explore different ways that you can pray. If you have alternatives you would like to share please comment below. 

    1. Create a prayer journal: Write down your prayers. Who are you praying for? What is needed? Date your entries so you can look back on how certain things have unfolded in your life.
    2. Sing: Sing Religious and Spiritually grounded songs. Many songs are prayers that a tune was added to and take 10-20 minutes to pray through song. 
    3. Be silent: Take some time to sit in silence and listen. This could be done on its own or after a prayer. In our stillness, we can hear the messages we are supposed to receive. 
    4. Create Personal Prayer: As children, many of us from a Christian background were taught the “Lord’s prayer” and memorized. Take some to create your own prayer. Take some time every day to use it and eventually commit it to memory. Remember you can change it according to your needs as time passes.
    5. Prayer Walk: Commit to walking for a certain period of time. During the walk commit to saying a prayer
    6. Prayer List: Create a list of names of individuals you know or may not. Set time aside to pray on their behalf. 
    7. Repeat: Find or create a mantra or affirmation or find a section from a holy book of your choice. Repeat whatever you chose 108 times.  

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