100 Days of Self-Care (Week 7 : Day 43-49)

 Welcome to Week 7 Day 43-49 

Create and Learn


This week you will be asked to explore your creativity a bit more.  For many adults, creativity is something we feel guilty to explore. Adulting for some of us means no more learning just because. No more creative fun. There is no time for anything. This week we toss that notion to the side. 


Do you have a book you should write about?

A business that you wanted to launch?

Have you wanted to learn how to draw?

Have you wanted to learn how to play an instrument?

Do you want to learn how to crochet?

Play a certain sport?

Well with this beautiful instrument called the world wide web everything is possible. Go online, do a search to find the pathway to your desire or to find an instructor. There are tons of lessons on platforms like Youtube, Teachable, and more. Share so we can encourage each other. 

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