100 Days of Self-Care ( Week 8: Day 50-56)

Digital Self-Care 

Week 8

This week will focus on digital self-care. Almost everything we do is connected to our phone. Technology can be beneficial to our wellness as well as detrimental. Because of technology we are exposed to more vicarious trauma. This is where you experience trauma by watching or hearing about traumatizing events. The goal for this week is to use technology as a tool for our healing. The prompts include some apps you can use.  

  1. Go Offline: Take the day off from social media. This social media break can be broken down to 24 hours (i.e 12 p.m. Friday to 12 p.m. Saturday 12 p.m.) If you need to delete the apps from your phone. Or you apps like App Detox to prevent you from using certain apps.
  2. Download a fitness app. There are tons of apps on the market that allow you to get an amazing workout from home. My personal favorite is Nike Training Club. I have been using it for over 5 years and it has been a staple for me staying in shape. The best part is it is completely free. Nike recently did a major update and the new platform is awesome. 
  3. Set Time Restrictions. Do you feel like a slave to your phone? Subconsciously you are always grabbing it and maneuvering to certain apps. Is it the first thing you grab in the morning and the last thing you hold at night. Establish some boundaries with your phone use. Stick to or create a morning ritual that you must complete before grabbing your phone. As for evening time see if you start sleeping with your cell phone in another room. Purchase a regular alarm to wake you up. You can also use features like Do Not Disturb to set times that you receive messages and calls on your phone.
  4. Water App. The app we need but will also love to hate. If you have been challenged with hydrating head to your app store and find yourself a water app. This will remind you throughout the day to drink another glass of water. Dehydration has a major impact on our health so this a great way to get back on track
  5. Meditate. You can now set your phone aside and find moments of stillness with your phone or tablet. There are quite a few meditation apps on the market. There are two I use on a consistent basis: Insight timer and Deepak Chopra Meditation timer. Insight Timer has a variety of meditations to meet your every need and most of its offerings are free. Deepak Chopra hosts a quarterly 21-day meditation for free and also offers other meditations for purchase. 
  6. Unfriend, Unfollow, Mute, Delete. Vicarious trauma (VT) and Secondary Traumatic Stress (STS) are frequently used interchangeably to refer to the indirect trauma that can occur when we are exposed to difficult or disturbing images and stories second-hand. Most of us have experienced VT and STS in some shape or form by way of media. If there is a news source, account, or person who shares something that leaves you feeling out of sorts, consider removing them in some way or form as part of your daily intake. 
  7. Increase Offline Time. Human contact is important for our mental wealth. Our connections by way of social media give us inadequate abbreviated engagement with one another. Time takes to call your friend and if you cannot see them physically you can schedule a video chat. You can also take some to write a letter to mail to family or friends. You can also create something for them. 
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