Create & Sip

Create & Sip

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Join Nzingah for a virtual Create and Sip session, January 8, 2020. This class is a great opportunity both for pros and beginners to learn more about oil pastels. Oil pastels are a great medium to quickly create a masterpiece. They are clean, easy to work with, colorful, and long-lasting. This class is a refreshing discovery of the unique medium. 

You’ll learn:

  • How to use oil pastels safely;
  • What tools & materials to use;
  • The best oil pastel techniques;
  • How to change color value;
  • How to draw a fruit arrangement.
  • The benefits of drinking tea and its medicinal properties. 

This class is especially great for beginners who always wanted to discover new unique mediums.  During this session, you will create a still life while sipping on organic tea blends from India. You will learn the benefits of drinking different types of teas.

You will be mailed a kit that includes: canvas, pastels, blending tools, an image to be used, and a blend of teas from Organic India.

Nzingah is an international award-winning artist who has been working professionally as an artist for the past 17 years. You can see more of her work at .


  • This event runs about 120 minutes from start to finish and will be held on zoom. 

    January 8, 2020 6:00p.m.-8:00 p.m. E.S.T