Danbala Wedo

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Our handmade Danbala wedo ring provides you with the healing properites of bronze metal. All rings are made to order and will be shipped with in 7 business days of purchase. 

Bronze Bronze is a combination of metals, Tin Sn / Copper Cu, alloys the properties inherent in Bronze can be found under the sections on Tin and Copper.


Physical Copper promotes absorbtion of Iron in the small intestineand triggers the transformation of stored iron into a form that can be transported by the blood. It is a catalyst in formation of haemoglobin and formation of enzimes that keep blood vessels slastic. Copper promotes developement of female sexual organs and helps with menstruation problems. Copper promotes cell growth, cell respiration and pigmentation of hair and skin. The greatest concentration of copper are in the liver, brain and blood it stimulates all their activities, effective in lowering a temperature and loosening cramps, anti-inflammatory and detoxifying.

Psychological/Emotional Copper increases dream activity and promotes the inner world of pictures and imagination as well as the creative world as a result of it, developes creative imagination and dissolves confusion. It createsneutrality and balancing of mood, promotes free expression of feelings. Copper makes it possible to live out and enjoy senses and sexuality.

Spiritual Copper encourages a sense of aesthetics and beauty, as well as the development of spiritual culture. It fortifies a sense of justice, promotes friendship and love towards all beings.



Physical Tin encourages the development and activity of the cerbrum and harmonizes the nervous system. It encourages the healing of spasms, states of weakness and paralysis that can be traced back to disturbances in the nervous system. Tin helps greatly with chronic problems, particularly in the area of the respiratory tract, secondarily with the liver and gallbladder problems like colic. Tin controls the sense of taste.

Psychological/Emotional Tin helps transform emotions into concrete form; it helps us put feelings into words. Tin encourages enthusiasm, tolerance, trust and a friendly attitude and gives us the courage to master everyday difficulties. It dissolves sorrow into relief.

Spiritual Tin encourages realization of our own lifes dream. It has inspiring effects and helps develope our innermost talents and abilities. Tin brings sociability and generousity to guests. It encourages musical talent, particularly the playing of music