My Current Skincare Routine: Shankara Naturals

I have been using the Shankara Naturals Skincare line for the last 6 months and I love it. This line is eco-friendly, organic, and was created with the science of Ayurveda which means the products are created for 3 different skin types, Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. You can take a quiz on their site to find out your dosha and you'll then choose the products that are best suited for you. Use coupon code "RawBeauty" for 10% off your purchase. Use this link to take your quiz. Below are some of my the products I am currently using based on my dosha being Pitta.





Hydrating Cleaner

The hydrating cleanser is for those who either have a pitta or vatta dosha. It is a gentle cleanser that doesn't strip the moisture from my skin.  Unlike other cleansers I have used in the past that are drying this leaves my skin feeling super hydrated. 


Deep Cleanser

I love cleanser because of its versatility. Not only does it work as a cleanser it can be used as a scrub and mask. I love to use it when I feel like my skin is flaring up. I can see a huge difference afterwards. As as scrub it is very gentle and I don't fee like it is damaging my skin. The bottle will last forever. 



Calming Mask

This mask is made with aloe and algae. My skin is pretty sensitive so it gets irritated easily. This mask works well to calm irritations, in addition to providing an extra boost of moisturize.


Microcrystal Exfoliator

I use the deep cleanser as a scrub twice a week and every other week I use the microcrystal exfoliator. I mix it with my hydrating cleanser and the results are amazing. A little goes a long way. My skin feels smooth and there is a noticeable difference in texture. I have similar results that I receive when I see an esthetician. 




Fine Line Face Oil

Shankara Fine Line Face oil is designed to reduce fine lines and manage oil production. It is a beautiful blend of oils.  I love how my face looks and feels after using it. I have a nice dewy glow and my skin feels supple. 



Daily Repair Serum

The daily repair serum is designed to give you an extra boost of moisture.  It is part of my moisturizing routine. After cleansing I follow with the serum then use the fine line face oil. This combo gives my skin a lovely glow. 


If you noticed there was a repetition of things that I loved about the products. My skin feels amazing supple and moisturized. The comments about how amazing my skin looks has been countless. I tagged along with my friend during her visit to the spa. When we were leaving one of the employees commented on how great my skin looked. We laughed and told her I hadn't received any services. 


The other amazing thing about this line is they donate 100% of net profits  to initiatives like education of girls and women empowerment in developing countries, and helping veterans overcome PTSD.


If you want to try the line out they have a sample kit available. Just take the quiz first so you can pick the kit that would work best for your skin type. 

Receive 10% off your purchase when you use coupons code "Raw Beauty" 

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