I won! Best Plant-based Blogger

I won! Best Plant-based Blogger

A few months ago I received an email informing that I was a finalist for Shiftcon Shifters Award as the Best Plant-Based Blogger. What!?! Who me? It was completely unexpected and a pleasant surprise. I admittedly battled with negative self-talk; in part because I have so many bloggers that I admire. Nevertheless, I took a leap of faith and made it to the conference a few weeks ago in Irvine, California.

I have been to quite a few conferences this year around wellness, yoga, holistic living, as well as plant-based lifestyle and this be far was one of my favorite conferences for the past 12 months. I often leave conferences hungry and thirsty my thirst for new information or skills not being satiated. Shiftcon, however, left my inner nerd jumping for joy. I have tons of new posts coming your way.

So, there I was at the awards ceremony, my brain in its happy place. I was preparing to congratulate the winner in my category and rush to the airport to finish the last leg of my marathon trip (in ten days I traveled to Washington D.C., New Yok, Californi,a and Haiti😌)."The winner for Best Plant Based Blogger is Nzingah Oniwosan" What! I  was completely shocked. Insert my awkwardness when I realized I was expected to make an acceptance speech and had nothing prepared. "Thank you...sometimes when you create content in cyberspace you never know if you impacting someone or if you words are being heard....umm thank you."

I honestly had to work overtime to fight back tears because the past few years have been the most challenging, in terms of unrelenting family health crisis. Yes Baby I Like It Raw was birthed because my father had a major stroke and was later fueled by mother's stroke. 

So I want to say thank you. There would be no "Yes Baby I Like It Raw" without you. I I have so much up my sleeves for the next 12 months that hopefully will help you find balance physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Love and Light,
Nzingah Oniwosan


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Very well done on the finding of your groove, your purpose, while cultivating selfcare and selflove! May you continue to discover and shed peace, love and light with God’s given talents.

Sista Yanui

Yanui W Cesar

I am so very, very proud of you! Keep going Nzingah ! Love you.

Kianga Jinaki

Congrats!!!! it is well deserved. I LOVE your page and often refer my students, family, friend and even strangers to your page :) You and your journey are an inspiration and I am so thankful. Keep blossoming and sharing your beautiful light. Guidance and Protection always.

Alana DaCosta

Big Big congrats to you Nzingha – the quiet storm. I admire you greatly and at times I am in awe – especially about your yoga journey – your discipline and dedication and purpose is truly commendable. Give thanks for all you do – continued blessings for success always in all ways. Much love baby girl

Sista Penny

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