What are Your Cravings telling you?



Coconut Kiss Nzingah

This past month has been a roller coaster for me in terms of my emotions. My cravings were out of this world. Some days I won other days I lost the battle. My training as a holistic health consultant breeds a lot of self analysis. In the case of my craving I am always analyzing what it means on an emotional level. Here is a chart that I created and how I discuss the connections and solutions with my clients.


Crunchy (You know CHIPS):
Your craving for crunchy foods is indicative of your stress levels.

Alternative: Flax Crackers

Solutions: Ways to manage your stress include working out, yoga, meditation, and/or breathing exercises. When possible reduce or eliminate the source of stress.

Creamy (You know ICE CREAM):Your craving for creamy foods indicates the need to be nurtured.

Alternative: Chia Pudding or Nice cream

Solution: Practice some self care. Take a spa day or ask for a hug.

Chewy (You know GUM):Your desire for chewy foods is your body seeking a method to release tension.

Alternative: Dried Fruit

Solution: Ways to manage your tension include working out, yoga, meditation, and/or breathing exercises. When possible reduce or eliminate the source of tension.

Bready (You know PIZZA or BREAD): Your craving for bread is connected to personal insecurities and dissatisfaction.

Alternative: Gluten Free Options

Solution: Create daily mantras and intentions that support self-love and self-care. Identify the areas in your life that you are not satisfied with and create tangible solutions.

Sugar (You know SWEETS):
Your craving for sugar indicates that you either giving out to much love or not receiving enough.

Alternative: Fruit or Smoothie

Solution: Nurture and develop relationships where reciprocity is at the core. Create an intentional self love protocol.

Salty (You know Peanuts): Your cravings for salt reflect harbored anger and frustration

Alternative: Start your day with Sole (Himalayan Salt water infusion)

Solution: Create a list of things you are grateful for; an attitude of gratitude can go a long way. Find the source of anger and frustration eliminate them where ever possible



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