Air Fried Oyster Mushroom "Chick'n"

Air Fried Oyster Mushroom "Chick'n"

I finally bought an air fryer and it is totally been a game changer. I couldn't understand the fanfare but now I understand. I do not use a microwave and it has been my go to for reheating food and preparing frozen dishes. More importantly it has been a great way to make recipes oil-free or significantly reduce the amount oil used in food preparation.  Which brings me to the featured recipe...oyster mushroom chicken.

Mushrooms are now the craze in plant-based cooking which means we have more access to more varieties of mushroom in our local markets. Each one has different health benefits but also great meat substitutes. Oyster mushroom can be braised, grilled whole on skewers, roasted, or dredged in a crispy coating and deep-fried. We are going to make a air-fried version of the deep fried.  

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