Clean Hurricane Preparation 101

Clean Hurricane Preparation 101

I just got back in the country just in time for Hurricane Dorian. I did my food/snack prep yesterday and thought I would share some tips. Hunkering down before a storm can be nerve wracking. This is why we tend to eat our snacks long before the storm hits to ease our anxiety. The key is to make healthy choices for you snacks so you can be guilt free. Below I will provide a variety of options and tips that you can pick and choose from according to your budget.
  1. FRESH FRUITS & VEGETABLES: I know it sounds counterintuitive but depending on what you buy and how you store it, your fruits and veggies can last at least a week. Where as I normally don't buy unripened fruit in the case of the storm I do, green bananas, avocados, etc. I also by whole leafy greens from the produce section of the power shuts off I treat it like what it is ...A PLANT.  Place the stems in water and viola you leaves won't wilt.

  1. DRIED FRUITS AND VEGETABLES: Dried foods last longer. You can consume them as is or rehydrate them for recipI'llju plan to use them for, I.e. sun dried tomatoes. Some of my staples include dates, raisins, figs,  and sundried tomatoes.

  1. NO CANNED FOOD:I avoid purchasing canned food. A lot of cans are made with aluminum which can leach into your food some of these cans are lined with BPA to avoid aluminum leaching but bpa is a hormone disruption.  The rabbit's hole is real. If you have canned food on rare occasions the impact is minimal however if you are eating canned food all the time the risks are higher. I choose to purchase dried beans and items in alternative packaging like glass. During storms dried beans are not an option. I purchase alternative packaged options from companies like Whole Foods , Trader Joe's A dozen cousins, Good Catch foods to name a few.

  1. HEALTHY BARS: Instead of picking up a case of snickers or twix there are a ton of companies that have healthy TASTY bars. I have a long list of companies I love. This overall I picked up Lara bar and Pure bar.
  1. HEALTHY CHIPS: Stress makes us crave crunchy foods. There are a ton of healthy alternatives on the market when it comes to chips. I picked up blue corn chips and toasted seaweed. 

  1. RECHARGEABLE BLENDER:I do quite a bit of traveling abroad and found that a lot of the items I use for traveling are great during a storm. I have a rechargeable blender. Once it's charged up it can last for quite a bit of time. Smoothies are a key component to my daily diet. This allows me to make my daily green smoothie.
  2. WATER: Is a obvious purchase. I like to grab fresh coconut for its water if its possible. I also grab lemon and lime to squeeze in my water to make it more alkaline.  

 What ways do you try to stay clean?


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