100 Days of Self-Care Week 6: Journaling

100 Days of Self-Care Week 6: Journaling


Welcome to week 6 (Day 36-42).This week we are going to dive deep emotionally through journaling. There is so much that is below the surface that we need to unpack. There are things we need to heal from. We also need to take time to honor and give ourselves credit.  Everyday you will be given a journal prompt to help you sift through how you feel and all create a self-care model that makes sense for you. So create a vibe. Bring out your incense, light a candle, make a mocktail, and play so music in the background and let’s dig deep. 

Day 1: Support: Many of us feel as if the weight of the world is on us. This is often coupled with feeling unsupported. Our lack of support may be due to the poor relationships we have but it may also be related to our inability to ask for help. Let’s explore this through the following question:

How do you ask for help or support when you need it? Do you feel hesitant to ask for support? If so why? What type of support do you need in this present moment..

Day 2: Boundaries: Boundaries can be complex. In some aspects our boundaries are concrete while in others they are inadequate or completely absent. When it comes to creating balance, boundaries are important.  Let’s explore boundaries through the following question:

How do you set and protect your boundaries? What areas of your life do you feel you need to improve your boundaries? What boundaries are you content with? Are you uncomfortable with setting boundaries? What boundaries do you have for yourself? What boundaries do you have for your friends, family, and associates?

Day 3: Self Discovery: There are moments in our lives that we do not recognize ourselves. There was the person we imagined ourselves to be when we were children. Then there is the person that our family and society has told us to be. We often find ourselves leaning towards the latter. Which can  be either a good or bad thing. The question is are you happy. More importantly, are you following your dreams? The following questions are you to rediscover the things you were passionate about:

When you were a child what did you want to be when you grew up? When you were a child, what did you love to do?  What do you really love to do that brings you joy? What do you feel is your unique gift? Are you using it? (If yes how? If no what stops you). What would you do if you couldn’t fail?

Day 4: Let it go: In some aspect of our lives we are challenged with letting go, either emotionally or physically. Emotionally a key aspect towards releasing is forgiveness. Forgiving ourselves or someone who we felt slighted by. Take some time to reflect on what has hurt you. Honestly examine if you feel that you are in a better place about each event. In your journal explore the things that you feel you still need to heal from. Why does it still hurt? How can you truly heal from it? Create a list of things you need to release on a seperate paper. Then burn it. Afterwards write down a list of things you would like to invite in your life. 

Day 5: Dreamer: Imagine yourself a year from now. As the best version of yourself. Living your best life. What does it look like? What does it feel like? Who is in your life? Write a journal entry recalling the day and the year leading up to it. Dated xx/xx/21. 

Day 6: TimeTravel: Write a letter to your 12 year old self? What would you tell them? Think about how you felt about yourself at that time. What advice did you need that you would give yourself?

Day 7:Love: Write down all the things your love about yourself. How do you practice self-love, self-care, and self-kindness?

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