100 Days of Self-care: Week 1

100 Days of Self-care: Week 1

Welcome to the first day of 100 days of self-care. When most of us speak of self-care we only speak of it from a general standpoint.  This can make it difficult to pinpoint where exactly we have gaps in our needs. For the first seven days of this challenge we will unpack the seven domains of wellness what each area is and ways you can practice self-care within each domain. Following the first week we will have weeks where we have discussions and suggested activities around a specific domain. Here is a list of the seven domains and what  they mean.

    1. Spiritual Wellness:  Spiritual wellness relates to our values, and belief systems. Our search to understand our purpose and understand the world around us. Religion can be one of the ways this is explored but spirituality looks for this understanding beyond a group of people. It is our personal relationship and experience as it relates to the divine. 
    2. Physical Wellness: Physical wellness looks at our body and how we care for it  by way of movement, nutrition, rest, and sex. It also includes the things we do with respect to preventative care such as going to get  physicals and dental care.
    3. Emotional Wellness:  Looks at our feelings and how we manage our stress. Our emotions can trigger breakdowns in other aspects of our wellness which it is why we constantly want to check-in and honor our feelings.
    4. Financial Wellness: Financial wellness explores how we are able to provide for ourselves and be responsible with our finances by living within our financial means. It also includes planning for the future.
    5. Environmental Wellness: Environmental wellness speaks to how we are able to maintain the spaces we exist in at home, and work. It also is how we keep these spaces clean as well as our modes of transport and the clothes we wear. Furthermore, how we minimize overall waste.
    6. Intellectual Wellness: Intellectual wellness is our drive to learn new things and expand on the things we know. It is our ability to tap into our creativity. 
    7. Social wellness: Social wellness looks at the health of the relationships we have with our family and friends. In addition to the strength of our social network to support us and guide us when we are feeling like a less than better version of ourselves. 

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Week 1

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Day 1:  Spiritual Wellness 

Today we will focus on our spiritual wellness.

    • GOALS: Write down your self-care goals  each domain  listed above.
    • PRAY: Take some time to pray. It does not have to be in a traditional way. It can involve you going out in nature or even in the shower.  Ask for the things you need, and give thanks for the things you have.
    • MANIFEST: On this first day write a letter to yourself describing how you completed this challenge. As you write this letter describe how you feel, how you achieved your goals, and what you overcame over the course of 100 days. Place the letter in an envelope so you can read it at the end of this challenge.
    • Accountability Partner: Have a friend join you in this journey. Connect with other individuals in the group. When we know we are not alone we are able to navigate the twists and turns of the journey in a better way. 

Day 2: Physical Wellness

    • MOVE: Today we will use yoga to move our bodies and connect. If you do not already have a yoga practice use this seated yoga flow to calm and  ground yourself. This flow was designed for all levels.  Or the one below. 

    • DRINK WATER: Starting today until the end of the week (hopefully beyond). Drink a minimum of half your body weight in fluid ounces or gallon or gallons. Download a water app to remind you to drink water throughout the day. 


Day 3: Emotional Wellness

  • GRATITUDE: List 7 things you are grateful for. Use this list to create a gratitude jar. Add the things you wrote to the jar.  Whenever you are feeling down pull one of the things from the jar to help you reflect on what you should be grateful for. Do not forget to continue to keep filling the jar with things you are grateful for.      


    Day 4: Financial Wellness

  • EAT-IN: Prepare all your meals for the day. Take the money you would have spent and add it to a savings account or invest it. Try this recipe of the loaded chia pudding pictured above.

     🌱🌱🌱Download  One-Day Meal Plan🌱🌱🌱



    Day 5: Environmental Wellness

  • THROW OR GIVE IT AWAY: You know that space in some corner that has a bag or pile that you been meaning to get to. Today is the day to either give it away or throw it away. 

    Day 6: Intellectual Wellness

  • NEW BOOK or PODCAST: Start a new book that you will either read or listen to. Commit to completing this book by the end of the month. Another option is to start a new podcast. Stay tuned to a list of books and podcasts. 

    Day 7: Social Wellness

  • BE SOCIAL: Take the day off from social media and be social in real life. This social media break can be broken down to 24 hours (i.e 12 p.m. Friday to 12p.m. Saturday 12 p.m.). Spend some part of the day with friends or family. Have dinner together, go for a walk, or if the person is not near schedule some Facetime. 

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