5 Tips to Successfully Reach your Health Goals

5 Tips to Successfully Reach your Health Goals

The summer is upon us which is great-good weather, vacations, festivals, holidays, and tons of time at the beach, if we're lucky. It is a time where we revisit our new year's goals. Especially when it comes to health and wellness. For some us this means cleansing for summer solstice, or becoming more physically active to reach our beach body goals. This can be filled with some highs and lows. Our goal however is to be the best version of ourself on the other side. 

Here are 5 tips to help us successfully complete our journey :

1. Research: Reading is really fundamental. Look at different plans. Find out the
possible negative outcomes and how to avoid them or minimize them. Look for
experts who can provide tips based on their personal experience. Most importantly it will let us  find the plan that works best for us and our current lifestyle. 

2. Plan: “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” -Benjamin Franklin. If we have a plan our rate of success increases exponentially. To implement our plan successfully we can outline what we intend to do or find an outline we can follow. If time is a
major factor we can take one day to prepare our food. 

3. Accountability Partner: Find an accountability partner. This is not necessarily someone who doing the same thing but someone who has our back. The person who will not let us jump over the ledge on a bad day. Support can be everything.

4. Write It Down: Studies have shown people who write down their goals are more successful. Writing our intentions makes the journey more concrete. We can write down our goals at the beginning of our journey or set daily intentions.

5. Don’t give up: Unless we feel like our hearts are  going to stop ( which almost never the case). If we cheat don’t beat ourselves up and stop. So we had pizza or fries for dinner. Tomorrow is always another day to give it our best. We just have to catch our breath and keep running.




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