A Guide to Wellness During Isolation

A Guide to Wellness During Isolation

These days in quarantine are difficult to deal with for many of us and they can also have negative repercussions on our physical and mental health. Whilst being isolated from the world, and in some cases also from our family, it is important to take care of ourselves daily! There are a few ways you can maintain your health and feel good during the home quarantine.

Get Moving 

Not being able to go out is not a good excuse for not moving. Even at home you can continue to workout! For this purpose, a very helpful tool you can use are apps such as the 30 Day Fitness Challenge app, a sort of digital trainer that will help you keep fit with tutorials, workouts and useful tips. Apps give you the opportunity to choose your fitness program, customized according to the you have and the results you want to achieve at your fingertips. Remember that exercise isn’t just for losing weight, it is also a powerful mental health tool proven to help depression and anxiety! 

Find A New Path 

It is important to follow a routine even if you do not have to work. Wake up at a reasonable hour, get dressed and prepared even if you don't have to go out. Organize your time and build a new daily life. Let’ say in the morning, you may get into home office mode, study or clean and tidy the house, while in the afternoon you can dedicate yourself to recreational activities or take care of yourself and your loved ones (watch a movie or TV series, read, cook, workout, call family members, etc.). Remember, that this period of quarantine gives you a precious opportunity: to rediscover your passions. Take a course in something brand-new, such as painting, art history online or learning a new language. 

Skincare R&R

You can also take advantage of these particular days to take care of your skin like never before. With no makeup and not walking around the smoggy city, your skin can finally breathe! Spend some of your time applying some good masks and trying to better your skin. Our tip? Just before going to sleep is the ideal time to dedicate your time to the beauty routine! Go on with your cleansing milk, tonic, oil, moisturizing cream, eye area and lip balm!

Cleanliness is Key

There are many long days to spend at home ahead of us. For this reason, it’s of fundamental importance to keep your home clean and tidy. Studies have shown that if your home is cleaner, it will allow you to feel better mentally, more productive, and less stressed. Try also to diffuse a few drops of essential oil in distilled water for a calming effect, like, lavender to help you to sleep.

Chef Up 

One of the best (and most satisfying) activities to do is definitely cooking! Learn to prepare new dishes that are good for your body and also for your mind, preferring the consumption of fruit and vegetables and not forgetting to drink water throughout the day. Go online and search how to make your favorite dish from your favorite restaurant you have been craving, and recreate it at home!

With these tips, living isolation may be easier for you. This moment in our history and the quarantine is difficult for everyone, but we also hope that in part it will also be a moment of discovery and personal enhancement! 


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