GirlTrek #SuperHeroSaturday Trek in Little Haiti

GirlTrek #SuperHeroSaturday Trek in Little Haiti


A couple weeks ago I led a Girl Trek Super Hero Saturday Trek in Little Haiti. It was part of weekend activation that Girl Trek was having in South Florida. We had an amazing time exploring the Little Haiti and some of the its known and hidden gems. In this case we started from the Little Haiti Cultural Complex, we made our way to Upper Buena Vista and back.  I recently joined the Girl Trek family to  host walks in South Florida and in Haiti.


So what is Girl Trek? 

GirlTrek  is the largest public nonprofit for African-American women and girls in the United States.  They encourage women to use walking as a first step towards healthy living, wellness, and self-care. They encourage walking 30 minutes 5 times a week. In addition to local walks organized by volunteers they have national activations that rally women from all over the nation to collide and connect in one space. They recently had their second annual Stress Protest in Colorado. 


Why African American women?

African-African women are disproportionately subject to a variety of diseases and illnesses. 

  • 82% over healthy weight
  • 137 black women die from heart disease each day
  • 50% of black girls born in 200 will develop Type II Diabetes


Most of these things are preventable and reversible through diet and exercise. So the goal is to use walking as the starting point to address these disparities . 


We’re about to TAKEOVER these streets for radical self-care!  I’m stepping up with GirlTrek.  I will be walking up a storm this spring!  I’ll be using Harriet’s Handbook, a list of walks to save my own life!  I am fired up and wondering if anyone wants to join me?  We all need some accountability – you can walk here with me or be my virtual walking buddy.  Comment below if you’re up for the challenge.  Take the pledge and download your own handbook at  It’s free!


Here are few more shots from our SuperHero Saturday Walk. I look forward to you joining me on one sooner than later. 



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