How to combat Anemia? Vitamin C

How to combat Anemia? Vitamin C



There are questions that come with certain territories. For instance, with yoga there are a lot of, "How do you that?" mainly from people who do not have a yoga practice. In the vegan territory the number one question is, "What about your protein?" "How do you get iron?" or "Are you anemic?" would come in second.  

The are number of people in particular women suffer from iron deficiency anemia (there are different types of anemia) has been . Prior to changing my diet anemia was a chronic issue for me. However after switching to a plant-based diet I have not had the same issues.

Iron, a mineral, is found in the largest amount in the blood. It is plays a role in the oxygenation of red blood cells. It is also necessary for a robust immune system and energy production. It also plays important role many other ways the list is actually quite long .

Diet plays in important role in proper absorption of iron there are a few vitamins and minerals that assist in its absorption. Before I go down that list this is why it is so crucial IRON DEFICIENCY ANEMIA OCCURS DESPITE AMPLE AMOUNTS OF IRON STORED IN THE LIVER, SPLEEN, AND BONE MARROW.


Required for Iron Absorption:
-HCL acid production in stomach
-Vitamin A and B-Complex

Impairs Iron Absorption:
-excess amounts of zinc and vitamin e
-caffeine (starbucks is not your friend)
-diet high in phosphorus (soda)
Increase Iron Absorption
In the presence of Vitamin C absorption can be increased up to 30%


Note: some studies have shown that anemia may be caused by deficiencies in B6 or B12.

Great Sources for Iron
-dark leafy greens

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