I AM A THINX AMBASSADOR: Period Underwear is the way to go

I AM A THINX AMBASSADOR: Period Underwear is the way to go

I have some EXCITING NEWS. I'm thrilled to announce that I'm a Thinx leader!

Thinx is innovative period underwear. Yes, you read right. You can use it as back up for your diva cup, tampon or use it alone. It was designed to be absorbent, leak proof, and odor free. This is also great when it comes to sustainability. Each pair of thinx underwear can last 2 years.

I am really big advocate for womb wellness especially with period matters because of personal struggles due to my brain tumor (prolactinoma ) and Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (pcos). There was a time the only way I could have a period was by taking medication. But through lifestyle changes which included becoming vegan, and switching out my sanitary napkins I am able to have period every month without assistance. Thinx underwear is the perfect addition to my period kit.

They have a variety of styles that accommodate the variability in our flow and activity. You can see my favorite styles if you go to my personal page at http://shethinx.com/nzingah

Below you will find my announcement and showing  what I use.



Note: By using my link you get $10 off your purchase and if you create an account free shipping.

Here are a few of their most recent releases:

Thinx super

 Meet Thinx Super! 🦸🏻‍

This new line absorbs up to 4 tampons’ worth(!) of your flow (aka, they’re our most absorbent period-proof undies yet).

They’re a complete, 100% alternative to other period products — that means no need for backup tampons, pads, cups, or liners, even for heavier flows and overnight use.
Since they’ve got double the absorbency of our original undies, Thinx Super’s tech looks a little bit different (and a li’l bit thicker!) from their Classic/Organic Cotton lines — but they’re still soft and breathable.

Thinx air



THINX air: Their coolest undies ever (literally)! Made from an ultra-thin, silky soft micromesh designed to release heat and moisture, THINX air is so lightweight that you might forget that you’re wearing anything at all — but still gives you 1½ tampons’ worth of period-proof protection.

Extra bonus: These hang dry 2x faster than their original undies — aka, they’re the perfect travel buddy for your next trip! Snag ‘em in 2 sleek styles: Hiphugger and Bikini.

I know you  have a ton of a questions. Ask away The great thing about all this is getting us to be comfortable with something that shouldn't be taboo. Stay tuned to more content and conversations about periods. 

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