Preparing for Pregnancy

Preparing for Pregnancy

A few years I took a graduate course entitled Developmental Neurobiology (I majored in neuroscience). The course was one of my favorites; it changed my life & confirmed my journey as healer. One of the major take aways was long before a woman thinks of having a baby she should be preparing for conception. There are so many critical processes that occur in the early weeks of development of the embryo that we take for granted the number of healthy babies are delivered everyday. The critical processes that take place often go awry due to deficiencies in vitamins & minerals. These vitamins and minerals play a critical role for certain chemical reactions. As most women don’t discover they are pregnant until weeks later it is usually to make up. Hence why we see things like spina bifida or even miscarriages. Some miscarriages occur because the body detected the embryo would not be a viable birth.

Truth is as women we have our eggs from birth and everything we do, every we experience is experienced by our eggs. The drinking, smoking, experimentation, emotional trauma, EVERYTHING….these things can influence gene expression and cause mutations. With that being said it lead me to believe we should move away from exclusively preparing for a birth during a pregnancy or when trying to conceive.  That we consider preparing for the possibility from the time our daughters enter this world by the foods we feed them, the physical and emotional environment we provide, the sanitary napkins or tampons they use, the herbs they can take, the list goes on. In doing this we are nurturing a generation of healthy women and providing the optimal environment for new spirits to come into this world.

This has been my personal journey and approach for past 14 years. It has allowed me to assist my friends who are who are taking a natural approach to the pregnancy and delivery although I myself haven’t had the opportunity to birth my own children. It has even led to me being blessed to be the doula for two of my friends birth…another transformative experience that requires its own entry.

To mothers to be start preparing for the journey now before your discover you are pregnant. Ten months is very little time to cram all that’s out there in. Below are some books that I picked up along the way that are great resources for the journey.




Welcoming Spirit Home: Ancient African Teachings to Celebrate Children and Community by Sobunfu Some

Wise Woman Herbal for the Childbearing Year by Susan Weeds

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Hi, my name is Brigette. I read an article about how you healed your prolactinoma. I am a young black female who aspires to be more intune with her body but I am also suffering from a prolactinoma. Can your provide me with any advise on how to heal myself naturally?

Brigette Wardrick

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