Top 5 Lessons from my 18 Year Holistic Journey

It's my anniversary! This month marks 18 years since I started my holistic lifestyle journey. What a whirlwind! I started with the intention of wanting to heal the symptoms from my pituitary tumor, scleroderma, and polycystic ovary syndrome. I never imagined it would turn into Yes Baby I Like It Raw. I have learned quite a bit over the years. Here are a few of the ones that stand out:

1. Your body knows how to heal almost all the ailments we are confronted with. We just need to get out of its way.

2. There is no fountain of youth; approaches to healing are not universal. The variability in our DNA, lifestyle, and environment not only affect our health but should be considered when giving prescriptions or protocol. What works for one person can not be applied to everyone else. Healing methods should be customized to the individual.

3. Too much of anything can be bad for you. Balance and diversity are key.

4. Stress is at the core of so many of our physical, and mental ailments. You can eat well and be physically fit but if you are not properly managing your stress illness is inevitable.

5. Food is your first medicine.

What things have you learned?

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