Conquering Crow

Conquering Crow

Nzingah crow pose

bakasanaCrow pose

It was January 2014 and I was in the middle of Nike Training Club 4 week “Get Toned Program.” It was the Advanced Yoga day which is a 45 minute yoga session. One of the postures was Bakasana (Crow pose). It was my first time trying the pose and it was an epic FAIL. 






I moved on and finished the sequence, but that was the pose that stuck in my head. Seven days later it was advanced yoga day. I felt strong because of the series of exercises I was doing with the app so I was ready to see what would happen. This time I listened carefully to her instructions; lo and behold I held it for like 4 secs. SAY WHAT!!!!! I was so psyched I had my friend take a picture of the moment and of course I shared it (click here to see it). So much has happen since that day and conquering crow pose played a major part in it. I went on to do 151 days of Bikram yoga. Later on that year, I completed my yoga teacher. I also created the same magic with this pose during my first yoga class. My friend held crow pose for the first time. 

Here I am a little over a year later and I can hold crow for over a minute (probably longer all I know is I held it a long time for this shoot). It established the foundation for other postures…Side CrowFallen Angel….and more.


Benefits of Bakasana


Strengthens arms and wrists

Stretches the upper back

Strengthens the abdominal muscles

Opens the groins

Tones the abdominal organs



So what pose are you conquering or conquered?


Photography by my brother D. Valcena

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