21-Day Winter Reset

21-Day Winter Reset

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Join our 21-Day Fall Reset. This program is designed to help you detox and cleanse your body so you can feel better physically, mentally, and spiritually. Learn more at https://www.theholisticcourse.com/courses/21-day-winter-reset

It includes a healing plant-based meal-plan, yoga, and herbal protocol.


Week 1 (January 10-16): Elimination/Segue: During the first week we will eliminate processed drinks and coffee from our diet. We introduce green smoothies and water infusions. 

Week 2 (December 17-23): Elimination/Segue: This week we will eliminate dairy and processed foods. We will continue with having a green smoothie daily and will replace one meal with a salad. 

Week 3 (December 24-30): Raw Vegan + Plus Herbal Cleanse: For the third week will transition into a raw foods diet. We will begin to take the herbal infusion which is designed to allow us to deepen on detoxification.