PostPartum  Daycare Care Package

PostPartum Daycare Care Package

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We provide emotional support, evidence-based information, practical knowledge, and a calming presence so you can experience the best possible version of new parenthood. It is important to note that the scope and practice of a postpartum doula change from doula to doula. When choosing a doula you should make sure they will meet your needs and expectations. I offer the following services:

  • Postpartum recovery & wellness
  • Breastfeeding & pumping support
  • Newborn care education
  • Sleep guidance & schedules
  • Baby development expertise
  • Emotional support
  • Return to work preparation
  • Help you establish a routine with your baby(s)
  • Meal preparation
  • Cord & circumcision care
  • Shopping & Errand running
  • Laundry ( baby & family )