PostPartum  Night Care Package

PostPartum Night Care Package

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Night Shift (9:00 p.m.-6:00 a.m.)

How can a night doula help you?

1. Sleep with peace. You can’t help but jump out of bed with each new sound your baby makes. An overnight doula will be right there to tend to your baby so you can sleep peacefully, knowing your baby will be looked after.

2. Support with night breastfeeding. Night feeding can be difficult if you aren’t aware of a baby’s early cues that hunger is mounting. Your night doula will be present to attend to your baby, take note of early hunger cues, and bring your baby to you before she is frustrated. Your night doula will help with all the burping, changing, and soothing the baby back to sleep, so you can rest.

3. Companionship in the wee hours. If you are awake and need emotional support while you and your baby are learning how to breastfeed, having a non-judgmental person there to encourage you can be incredibly helpful. A night doula can also help with positioning and getting a great latch.

4. A night doula will have up-to-date information on all things “baby” and what might be best for your parenting style. With new information and products being released all the time, your doula will help you be confident in the choices you are making for your child.

5. A night doula will be present and available for you as a safe and judgment-free witness to your introduction into parenthood. As you learn what is best for you and best for your baby, you can have hands-on support encouraging you to develop confidence at your own pace.

— Source: A Swift Doula