100 Days of Self-Care

100 Days of Self-Care Challenge

From Superhero to Whole Human:
In the world that we exist in we try to model ourselves as super heroes. Taking on the impossible and creating miracles (hopefully). The tragedy of this super hero model is that when attributes assigned to normal humans start to present themselves it is considered a sign of weakness. With that being the case, we work hard to remove ourselves from those attributes. Until our day of reckoning of arrives where we  our forced to confront our humanity. Unfortunately, this is almost never a sweet aha moment. It comes more in a breakdown such as losing a job or contract, the termination of a relationship, and more often a mental collapse. The truth is as we try to be the living epitome of a super hero we live way beyond our capacity physically, spiritually, and mentally. There is no time to check in, mentally or emotionally. If we do, because we have played hero for so long, the people around us are unable to support it. If anything they question our sanity. If we examine it a bit deeper this society conditions us too. So we exist externally in grandeur while nursing our emotional, mental, or spiritual void.  We want to be whole but are unsure what the feels, smells, taste, sounds like. 

Take the S of your Chest campaign challenges us to remove our super hero's cap and root ourselves in being whole. It asks for us to nurture ourselves in the ways that we need so we can live healthy lives and have healthy relationships with our family, friends, and the environment. We honor that it is in our vulnerable moments that we truly find our strength. 
We hurt.
We cry. 
We fear.
We doubt.
We fail. 
We are humans.
Flawed and beautiful at the same time.

Taking the S off our chest so we can connect with our heart. 

Our challenge starts April 1, 2019.
For the 1st day:

Join our Facebook and Whatsapp group. Introduce yourself.

Write a letter or record a video to yourself where you discuss why you need to commit to this challenge. We will revisit this on Day 100. 


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  • I value self-care and want to make it part of my healthier living! Also I love a challenge. April is my birth month and I am gifting myself this opportunity!!!

    Camille Harris
  • I’m looking forward to joining the 100 Days of self-care challenge. For me it’s showing my mind, and body down so I can hear what my body & spirit is saying. I suffer from anxiety and depression, and I’m a cardiac arrest survivor. I need to learn to take care of myself, because no one else will. I want to be around for my husband and children.

    Angela Cobb
  • Looking forward to practicing 100 days of self care, this is 1 thing I can admit I don’t do because I have all the time for everyone else but feel selfish if I take a few minutes for myself.

    Rebecca G

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